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Video How To Guide

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54 Second Pitch- How To

  • Get a camera, any camera. Webcam or something that live feeds into your computer will be the easiest
  • Get an editing/capturing package: Windows: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiereexpress/ Mac: Use MovieMaker 
  • Try uploading straight into YouTube with their capture tool


If you are ready to get serious, Ben has posted his entire setup that he uses for his own videos on his blog.


Concept Ideas

  • Elevator Speech- use the camera as an opportunity to relay a sense of good management and an "x" factor
  • Slides with voice-over. Try picking up a cheap USB microphone and walkthrough a quick 54 second "In plain english style" video of your plan. Here is agreat mic: http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-BLU-SNOWBALL-LIST
  • Try standing in front of a whiteboard and walking through your idea, UPS style.
  • Try something creative, tell a story. Maybe your video sets up your business plan, maybe it tells a story of the problem your business plan address, or the need your product fills.
  • Remember, they asked for a video for a reason, stand out, produce a video.


Presentation from Startup School:








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