Venture Capital Firms

These are resources that I am familiar with for raising capital for startups. Clearly the focus here is around Louisiana, but there are resources here out of state as well.  If you're interested in raising capital, check out the tax incentives that might make your company more attractive to investment. I do make introductions for people to my contacts at these firms, but I also filter, so if you're interested, please check out the resources for writing a business plan and then feel free to contact me.


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I'm often contacted by people looking for seed stage capital.  First, I'd recommend entering any and all business plan competitions that you are suited for.  If you are in Louisiana here is a list of resources for grants and seed funding that are available.


Angel Networks


VC Firms 


Investment Banks

It is rare to find an investment bank that works with startups to find liquidity.  For that reason, I've included the resource we've worked with here.