New Orleans based SXSWi 2010 Panel Submissions

The following is a list of 2010 SXSW interactive panel submissions from some of our very own.

Please feel free to add any other submissions you know about, or wish to support having to do with our community here in New Orleans.

Check them out, give them a positive vote and comment, comment, comment.


Finding and Funding Your Creative Lifestyle Career

Organizer: Angela Schroeder

Members: Earl Scioneaux, Perry Chen, Justin Sheils


Uprising Tide - Inciting Online Communities into Offline Movements

Organizer: Chris Schultz

Members: Chris Schultz, Matthew Tritico, Damien Lamanna, Kurt Weigle


Photoshop and Other Photography Tips for Concert Photography

Organizer: Angela Schroeder




Don't Move! Build a Startup Community Where You Live

Organizer: Jeff Slobotski

Members: Jessica Rohloff, Jeremy Tanner, Rick Turoczy


Rapid Business Development: Agile Ain't Just for Programming

Organizer: Chris Schultz

Members: Tom Fischmann, Richard Montgomery, Robbie Vitrano, Alex Black, Benjamin Reece


Human? Machine? Spiderman? How to Superhumanize the Crawler

Organizer: Katie Del Guercio, KODA

Members:  Alex Choi, Nic Cavigliano


Reinstituting the Job "Market": Get Real, Recruit GenY

Organizer: Katie Del Guercio, KODA

Members:  Jeff Berger


Are Sports Fans Getting the Real Time Data They Want?

Organizer: Gerard Ramos - Avenue Labs,

Members:  Ty Ahmad-Taylor - CEO, Founder -


Virtual Experience vs Advertising to Change Brand Perception

Organizer:  Tom Martin - Zehnder Communications

Members:  @ScottMonty - Ford, @DanPatterson - ABC and @jackie_danicki - Qik