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Software Tools We Use

Page history last edited by Chris Schultz 11 years, 12 months ago

This is a listing of all of the software and tools that we use to run Voodoo Ventures and our other projects and companies. I've done a lot of research in selecting the tools that we use and ones that work for us by making us more efficient.  Please let me know if you know of something better:


  • Basecamp - project management software
  • Freshbooks - invoicing and A/R management software
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect - Videoconferencing and screen sharing software
  • Skype - free VoIP video calling software
  • Google Apps - we use the Google apps for your domain to manage email, calendar
  • Salesforce - CRM & SFA software for keeping track of sales leads
  • WordPress - open source blogging platform
  • Pbwiki - hosts and runs this wiki
  • Slicehost - virtual dedicated server slices
  • Twitter - social micro-blogging
  • LinkedIn - business social networking
  • Facebook - networking and groups & events marketing
  • Vimeo - video hosting in HD 
  • Echosign - electronic signature contract execution software

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