Seed Funding

Getting a business off the ground requires capital.  If you are lucky enough to have it, great, get started.  If not, here are some resources and ideas that I've compiled.  Please feel free to add to this list. 


Bootstrapping: You may want to start your company without investment from external sources (I did).  Check out the section on bootstrapping for lessons on getting your business launched with very little.


It still helps to have some cash to get started.  Here are some resources that provide grants and small investments to get your business started.  Keep in mind as you approach people for funding the incredibly high risk that exists with startups.  As great as your idea is, and as good as you are, your business is a very risky investment.  It's important to understand  your investor's, grantor's, or lendor's perspective when you ask for money.


Start Here: Great resources that summarize a lot of the opportunities available for seed capital and loans.


What You'll Need:


Specific Organizations and Programs: