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Welcome to the Voodoo Ventures public wiki.  This wiki contains information that I have organized and made public in an effort to share and distribute our organizational knowledge with the community.  You may find information here that is relative to your business, if so, please make use of it.  Also, please feel free to contribute to the wiki or make corrections.


Please feel free to edit anything in the wiki. This is a community resource.  You just have to create an account and be logged in to edit.



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Raising Capital

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How We Run Our Business




Things I Care About


New to New Orleans, looking for a job?  Here's how to get involved.


Startup Ecosystem

I have been talking with a lot of friends in New Orleans and Louisiana about our desire to have a stronger social fabric in the startup, tech, and social entrepreneurship community.  There are a number of movements underway to connect us, aggregate info, and get our message out there.  I'm adding to that with a wiki-based list that I encourage you to add yourself to.


Movements / (Un)Organizations

I love the concept of unconferences because many organizations I've been a part of is more focused on the bureaucratic, administrative elements of themselves, while neglecting their mission.  After the dot.bomb meltdown in 2001, a new breed of grass roots organizations sprang up that I've been involved with and I am passionate about.  Here are some of them:


Things I Do


About Me



This wiki was inspired by Tantek Çelik's public wiki that has some fantastic information.


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