Startup Ecosystem Jan 2010

Highlighting 58 companies, organizations and programs driving the New Orleans startup ecosystem, and a call to help us improve this list.


(Also posted on Taylor Davidson's blog.)


Inspired by Michael Karnjanaprakorn's detailed post outlining the New York Startup Movement and David Crow's post about the Canadian tech scene, Chris Schultz and I decided to outline the New Orleans startup ecosystem.


We started by looking at a couple sources: Chris's previous posts from August 2009 and September 2008, news articles in the NY Times, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN and Air Tran Magazine, All Day Buffet's New Orleans 100 and Sloane Berrent's post about the business and cultural opportunities in New Orleans.


But it's not comprehensive, and to fix that, we would love your input and pointers to more companies, organizations and "change artists" driving the New Orleans startup system. Here's how you can help:





Please note that these companies are in various stages of "startup", and I'm sure we missed a couple emerging companies.  Please help us update the list by editing this wiki and creating a listing for your company on Crunchbase.


Office and Co-Working Spaces


Government Agencies


Government Incentive Programs


Non-Profit Organizations

Please note, there are many more non-profit organizations contributing to economic development in New Orleans; we chose to focus only on organizations tied to the startup ecosystem.


Events and Press