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Startup Ecosystem Jan 2010

Page history last edited by Chris Reade 10 years, 8 months ago

Highlighting 58 companies, organizations and programs driving the New Orleans startup ecosystem, and a call to help us improve this list.


(Also posted on Taylor Davidson's blog.)


Inspired by Michael Karnjanaprakorn's detailed post outlining the New York Startup Movement and David Crow's post about the Canadian tech scene, Chris Schultz and I decided to outline the New Orleans startup ecosystem.


We started by looking at a couple sources: Chris's previous posts from August 2009 and September 2008, news articles in the NY Times, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN and Air Tran Magazine, All Day Buffet's New Orleans 100 and Sloane Berrent's post about the business and cultural opportunities in New Orleans.


But it's not comprehensive, and to fix that, we would love your input and pointers to more companies, organizations and "change artists" driving the New Orleans startup system. Here's how you can help:

  • Create (or update) the listing for your company on CrunchBase. Creating a listing for your company on Crunchbase is highly recommended.
  • Submit your thoughts to Chris by editing this wiki version of the post on Taylor Davidson's blog.
  • Email Taylor if you have any questions.





Please note that these companies are in various stages of "startup", and I'm sure we missed a couple emerging companies.  Please help us update the list by editing this wiki and creating a listing for your company on Crunchbase.

  • Audiosocket. Licenses independent music to film, TV, advertising, video games and new media.
  • Big Easy Blends. Ready to Drink cocktails in a stand-up flexible pouch, Cordina mar-GO-ritas.
  • Body Evolution. Commercial application of body image distortion software created at LSU.
  • Bruise Relief. Facial cream based on New Orleans family recipe that prevents or diminishes bruising.
  • Deltree. Creative studio. Projects of note include Fifty People, One Question.
  • Dukky. Platform for multi-channel marketing that provides campaign management and analysis tools.
  • Feelgoodz. Natural, comfortable and ethical rubber flip-flops.
  • Flatsourcing. Global software development firm with offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and Kazan, Russia.
  • Flavor Paper. Custom, hand-screened wallpaper and fabric.
  • Free Flow Power. Hydropower developer and technology company focused on using the force of moving water to generate electricity without building new dams or diversions.
  • FSC Interactive. Strategic online interactive campaign development, focusing on paid search placement, social media and website optimization.
  • Graphite. Full-service brand strategy and design agency with a national client list, recently opened up on office New Orleans.
  • iSeatz. Global provider of customized online travel and entertainment solutions
  • Jodia.  Client management, time and billing system built by New Orleans' Carrollton Technology Partners
  • KODA. Shared space for young professionals to connect to job opportunities.
  • Naked Pizza. Developing new operating model for take-out and delivery pizza, aiming to change the nutritional profile of fast food.
  • NOLA Brewing. Fine craft-brewed beer, brewed in New Orleans, LA.
  • NeMe Health. Biotechnology company focused on medical foods for the special dietary requirements associated with major chronic diseases including cancer, obesity and diabetes.
  • Orphmedia. Custom web design and online marketing strategies for restaurants.
  • playNOLA. Organizer of sports leagues for young professionals. Winner of 2009 Idea Village and 504ward Business Plan Competition.
  • Petro TV. Full service, digital out-of-home advertising network of screens at gas station pumps.
  • RallyPoint. Crisis communications and workforce continuity provider.
  • Receivables Exchange. Capital market for privately held companies to gain quick access to working capital.
  • Schedulist. Web-based staff scheduling software and employee retention resources. Focusing on healthcare and other high turnover industries.
  • SDT Waste and Debris. Waste management company cleaning up New Orleans.
  • Susco Solutions. Custom programming firm that develops intuitive web applications, desktop software and iPhone app development.
  • Thriv. Natural Performance bamboo and cotton athletic clothing.
  • Trumpet. Full-service branding agency specializing in the success of startups, launches and turnarounds.
  • Turbo Squid. Buys and sells 3D models to produce digital assets for online and gaming applications.
  • VCE Capital. Generalist venture capital firm based in Louisiana and New York.
  • WorkNOLA.com. Collaboration with many local partners to help those living in New Orleans, as well as looking to move to New Orleans, a way to explore and apply for local job openings online.


Office and Co-Working Spaces


Government Agencies


Government Incentive Programs


Non-Profit Organizations

Please note, there are many more non-profit organizations contributing to economic development in New Orleans; we chose to focus only on organizations tied to the startup ecosystem.

  • 504ward. Hub for young talent in New Orleans to meet, learn, explore connect and grow
  • Evacuteer.org. Mobilizes New Orleanians willing to push their boundaries for the collective good, building networks to empower successful, efficient, sanitary and safe evacuations of New Orleans.
  • Idea Village. Nonprofit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, located in the IP (The Intellectual Property).
  • Net2NO. Meets on the first Tuesday of every month to bring together social changemakers and technological forerunners.
  • NOLA YURP. Support and resource network to connect, retain, and attract young professionals.
  • Policypitch.com. Online platform for individuals to pitch and promote ideas with communities.
  • Project Greenlight New Orleans. Nonprofit working to help low and middle income families and individuals switch from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights.
  • Startup New Orleans. Website guide to local entrepreneurs.
  • Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans (SENO). Diverse resources for entrepreneurs addressing social problems.
  • Young Leadership Council. Develops leadership through community projects.


Events and Press

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